Kiran Gems organises the Kiran Premier League on the theme ‘Play for Cause’

Jan 28,2015

Kiran Gems organises the Kiran Premier League on the theme ‘Play for Cause’

Kiran Gems, the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Diamonds, organised the Kiran Premier League from the 24th of January to the 26th of January. Kiran Premier League is a 3 day cricket tournament through which the kingpins of the organisation, namely directors Mr. Dinesh Lakhani and Mr. Rajesh Lakhani, Mr. Varun Lakhani (Partner Kiran Jewels- India) along with the employees put on their sporting shoes driven by the motto, “Play for Cause”.

The diamantaire has been actively involved in supporting the causes of education, health & welfare and society in general. On this occasion, Kiran Gems collaborated with the Umang Foundation for the causes of child welfare and provision of potable drinking water facilities. Director of Kiran Gems, Mr. Dinesh Lakhani said, “Ours is a cricket loving nation and hence, we found it befitting to pledge our support towards society by organizing a cricket tournament in support of humanity.” Another director, Mr Rajesh Lakhani said, “Also, the tournament serves as a good platform for our employees to unwind, aids in employee team building and fosters our “Play for Cause” initiative. It is a perfect blend of purpose and entertainment.”

The employees were divided into 12 teams and 33 matches were played over the 3 day period. Each team had a perfect mix of members, including the top level management to office assistants. The teams exhibited a true spirit of sportsmanship to make their respective teams emerge as champions. The winning team and the runners-up were awarded for their performance. Individual performances, too, were applauded. Being socially responsible is a quality that permeates through the entire Kiran Group. The winning team members generously contributed their match earnings to Umang Foundation.

Umang Foundation is a registered Public Charitable Trust that focuses on the upliftment of society in every possible way. The funds raised through this tournament will be utilized to provide potable drinking water facilities and health checkups for children in over 50 government recognised schools.

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