Mr. David J. Ranz makes a visit to Kiran Gems

Aug 31,2021

Kiran Gems Private Limited gave Mr. David J. Ranz, Consul General, U.S. Consulate Mumbai a behind-the-scenes look at one of their largest diamond processing facilities in the world. Consul General David J. Ranz along with his team members and representatives of GJEPC enjoyed meeting with Vallabhbhai Patel, Chairman, Director Babubhai Lakhani, Vice-Presidents Ashish, and Varun Lakhani of Kiran Gems.

In photos:- Ms Taly Lind - Spouse of CG David Ranz Ms Elisabeth Socolow - Consul for Economic Affairs, U.S. Consulate Mumbai Ms Tammy Murietta - Principal Commercial Officer, Foreign Commercial Service, U.S. Consulate Mumbai Ms Arundhati Mundlay - Political Specialist, U.S. Consulate Mumbai Ms Sangeeta Taneja, Sr. Commercial Specialist, Foreign Commercial Service - Ahmedabad (part of US Department of Commerce) Mr. Dinesh Navadiya, GJEPC Regional Chairman Ms Jilpa Sheth, GJEPC